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I cannot speak loudly enough of the help that Carmelle gave my wife and I with our newborn. I called 4 midwives and Carmelle was the first to get back in touch immediately after I left a voicemail. We managed to find a time that suited us and from the start gave us advice and clarity in the run up to our appointment and transparency on costings. What really impressed me was the way that she was so calm through the whole process. She carried out the assessments, mentioned the risks and gave my wife useful information on how to breastfeed after the tongue tie snip. Once the snip was done, she helped our newborn latch on immediately, who then fed for 30 minutes. This was such a huge relief that was lifted off our shoulders, as we were determined to keep persisting with breastfeeding, and Carmelle helped us make that possible. We are extremely grateful and thank her for all her help at such a critical time in our newborns life.

- Fred, Julia & baby Maria

Carmelle was such a fantastic recommendation from a friend. Having experienced so much pain in hospital with breastfeeding as my sons latch was affected by his tongue tie, we were the epitome of stressed, sleep deprived, anxious new parents. We knew we had to get the tongue tie seen to asap before it was too late to breastfeed and yet the options seemed so limited. We investigated waiting for an NHS appointment, private appointments in London, laser procedures on Harley street and finally a friend recommended Carmelle. I was concerned about the number of so called 'cowboys' who seemed able to perform the procedure at my home..and really felt overwhelmed and confused with the decision. Luckily my friend had been in touch with Carmelle and she came highly recommended. She could visit at short notice and immediately put us at ease. Overall I'd say that Carmelle was a total gem. She has a lovely way about her that fully comprehends what new parents are going through. She is gentle and a complete expert with babies and minimises the stress and pain for the baby and the parents when performing the oral procedure. She rescued my breastfeeding when I was about to give up with her clever tricks and techniques and my son now has full movement of his tongue and a good latch. We wouldn't have the contented son we have today without her advice and support. I have recommended her to several friends too and they have been very impressed.

- Alex and Ross, SW London

Carmelle was a blessing to us. She took her time and was not rushed which we really appreciated in this age of express service. Carmelle came to our home after a text from us, we were amazed by her swift response. She was clearly knowledgeable, professional and she explained the full procedure to us. She even showed us a picture of what the healing process should look like. After the tiny snip, Carmelle stayed for a long time after to ensure little Jasmine was feeding well, she even gave my wife advice about positions in which to feed baby. My wife is overjoyed as baby Jasmine started feeding and latching on so much better immediately. Thank you Carmelle, you are a godsend!

- Adrian and baby Jasmine

Carmelle was brilliant. She came to my house the very next day after I made contact with her and performed the tongue tie procedure quickly and efficiently after carrying out an assessment. Her swift approach meant that my two year old boy Teddy wasn't frightened by Arthur's reaction. The tongue healed beautifully and Arthur's latch improved immediately and as a result he started to gain weight. I would definitely recommend her services. Her breast feeding advice was very beneficial too.

- Sharon and baby Arty, CR2

"When our baby boy was born (first child), the midwives at the hospital mentioned that he had a small tongue tie, which wouldn't cause him any trouble eating. Well, it did. After two frantic, horrible weeks trying desperately to express milk and cup feed (hopeless), mixed with desperate and futile attempts at latching onto breast, our baby had lost a lot of weight and gained none back. I really wanted to breastfeed, but the midwives now told me I had to start bottle feeding, as the tongue tie was quite bad, they now all agreed. We were at our wits end, and called Carmelle. She was amazing! She was able to come the very same evening, even though it was very late, and assess the situation. The division procedure was done swiftly and moments later I was breastfeeding. The improvement was immediate. Carmelle gave us lots of advice and techniques to use, so over the next day or so, I was feeding him with no problem! His weight SHOT up and everything is how it should be now. I really regret not calling Carmelle at once after I heard "tongue tie" - we wasted two precious weeks fighting to feed. I can't recommend Carmelle strongly enough, not just for tongue tie division, but for advice about you and your baby specifically (as opposed to general textbook advice). On top of her amazing expertise, she's calm and just lovely. Don't kick yourself for not calling sooner! I agree with all the other testimonials here. Thank you, Carmelle."

- Petra, South London

Carmelle was truly amazing - she carried out the tongue tie procedure in our home helping us all to feel calm and reassured. She also went far beyond her call of duty and helped us to overcome some breastfeeding hurdles that seemed insurmountable - we would have been lost without her support. Those few days were some of the most stressful in our lives and we definitely have Carmelle to thank for helping us through it - always knowing the right thing to do and say, she was at the other end of the phone and came back to our home on more than one occasion to provide the support we needed. I cannot recommend Carmelle highly enough.

- Erin and baby Teddie, SW11

I contacted Carmelle following the birth of my second child with a tongue tie. The memories of painful breastfeeding whilst waiting for a hospital appointment were still very fresh in my mind and so decided to take action very soon after her birth. I found Carmelle to be a very professional, knowledgeable and calm person and the procedure was carried out with very little discomfort to the baby (who was back on the breast moments after with no problems). We haven't had any post procedure complications but I know that I can contact Carmelle for any follow up questions or concerns I may have. I would happily recommend her services to friends and family.

- Wunmi and baby Camille

Carmelle was great. As first time parents we were very anxious about our son's tongue tie. He was not putting weight on because he couldn't suck efficiently. We called Carmelle in the afternoon and she came round the next day. She confirmed that he was 95% tongue tied, explained what that meant and what the implications of it were. She explained the procedure and we decided to go ahead. Our son required 2 snips - it took around 10 secs, there was minimal blood, he screamed for a few seconds and then latched on and was feeding immediately. Carmelle then gave us lots of help with breastfeeding and particularly latching correctly. I have already recommended Carmelle to a friend because she has great knowledge and experience with tongue tie but also because of her temperament. She is extremely calm and collected whilst also being totally empathetic to your situation - this really helps to put you at ease in what is unfortunately a stressful time. Thanks Carmelle!

- Tara and baby Caleb, W1

Carmelle were amazing. Our second child was born with tongue-tie. After a very, very stressful three days of having a baby that has not latched and had no milk from mum; we were getting desperate for help but did not know what to do. Luckily the local midwife that did the first home visit had experience in tongue-tie and picked up the problem immediately. She advised us to get someone private to come to our house that will assess and correct the problem. Then the search began. I landed on the website 'Association of Tongue-tie Practitioners', Carmelle’s name came up and she was able to do it at home as soon as posable. Carmelle came on a Saturday evening to see us. We were so stressed, anxious and desperate for help. Carmelle was calm, reassuring and helpful. Carmelle did the assessment after she first got an overview of the situation. She even got us to try and breastfeed first. She told us all we needed to know, the risks and what will be done. Documented everything and clearly laid out everything we may, needed and wanted to know. My wife was so worried that she even left the house when Carmelle did the procedure. There was no need as it took less than a minute to cut the frenulum and not stressful for the baby. Carmelle showed me the Tongue movement before the cut and immediately after. Carmelle knew what she were doing and told me exactly what I had to do. Immediate afterwards clearing out the little bit of blood there was a clear visible difference in our baby's tongue movement. Within 5 minutes my wife was back in the house and baby was on the breast. I remember clearly my wife’s first cry as he latched on for the first time. It was so overwhelming and exiting. We were both in tears. What an amazing experience to see the difference such a procedure can make. Carmelle stayed to support us with feeding, he latched on both breasts and had a successful feed. She gave us tongue exercises for baby to help him strengthen his tongue. Having a baby that did not feed on mum for almost 4 days and then suddenly drinking as if he is an expert breast feeding baby was mind blowing. It is 12 hours later and mum is feeding on demand. Fed baby three times already by herself with no help from me and each and every time it is textbook. This is 100% proof to us how important tongue-tie correctional procedure is for a baby with feeding difficulties. The time, care, support and assured knowledge handover from Carmelle is exemplary and we highly recommend her. Not just for tongue-tie procedure but for breastfeeding support and general midwifery support. She changed our lives in three hours time. Carmelle we want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for what you did for us. Words can’t describe how thankful we are.

Renate, Niel and baby Daniël, UB4

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