Gentle Births and Beyond 

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Birth debriefing

The events surrounding your labour and birth may not always go according to plan, this can be due to many factors. Labour and birth is a life changing event, one that you will always remember. It should not be an event that has left you with terrifying memories, or if it is not your first baby then you shouldn't be fearful of your current pregnancy and forthcoming birth. The fear and anxiety that may have you feeling traumatised is one that should ideally be addressed and discussed in a caring way that enables you to work though the events, gain some clarity and understanding of what may have happened, and importantly why things may have happened. It would often be helpful if discussing your labour and birth events that you obtain a copy of your medical records from the hospital you were admitted, to be able to grasp the order of events when trying to make sense of what happened. The purpose of debriefing is one of understanding exactly what took place but also to release you of any anxiety you may be feeling and to positively move forwards emotionally. 

Antenatal debriefing: A time to discuss a previous birth that you still have anxieties about and express any fears you may have about your current pregnancy and find closure. Or if this is your first pregnancy and you are increasingly worried or fearful about your birth we can work through your worries in a calm environment and identify any underlying associations.

Postnatal debriefing: Overwhelmed with excitement at your new bundle of joy is common for most new parents. However if this excitement is being overshadowed by the trauma of your recent birth events then perhaps the opportunity to talk though your experience is required. By debriefing you can gain better clarity of what happened and move on to develop a closer bond with your baby, and relieve yourself of any negative emotion associated with your pregnancy and/or birth.

NB. I am not a trained counsellor, my aim is to support you in my role as a midwife. If you require the input from a qualified counsellor I can support you in seeking advice via your GP or a private practitioner.