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Antenatal care

I offer a flexible approach to providing antenatal care, from a 'one off' visit to discuss your plans for labour and birth to a full package of care to supplement or instead of your routine hospital care. Most common options for antenatal care include:

Birth talk: this is the opportunity to discuss your options for labour and birth and consider your choices for your birthing plan; a time to address and alleviate any anxiety or fears you may have about your forthcoming birth, and consider coping strategies that you may want to implement. This visit would usually last approximately 2 hours, with the chance to explore the physiological aspects of labour and birth and consider the practical aspects of the early postnatal period.  

Personalised antenatal workshop: Private and personalised antenatal workshops cover: antenatal information, nutritional and dietary advice, birth options, labour and birth preparation and birth physiology, optimal birthing positions, pain relief, breastfeeding and the early postnatal period; covered over 3 sessions. 

I can visit your home at a convenient time for you and your family. Each session will last 3 hours and group workshops of 3 couples can also be arranged*. Your birthing partner is more than welcome and encouraged to be involved. 

Full antenatal care package: Antenatal care is a way of assessing both mother and baby's well being throughout pregnancy, as well as offering appropriate pregnancy related advice to you and your family. The antenatal care package will be provided in your home or work at a time most convenient to you. Antenatal care can be offered alongside your care provider or instead of; the full care package includes:

  • your initial booking visit which usually last up to 2 hours in order to get to know you and obtain your personal/medical history
  • monthly visits until 28 weeks, fortnightly visits until 36 weeks and weekly until you give birth, usually lasting 1 hour per visit
  • nutritional and dietary advice
  • birth preparation
  • breastfeeding and postnatal advice
  • rebozo massage to ease lower back ache and help your baby into an optimum birth position
  • ultrasound scanning and blood test can be arranged** (further costs may apply)

Adjusted antenatal care package: If you would like a specific care package that differs from the above then please feel free to contact me to discuss.

*Venue is not provided. (Commonly a nominated person within your group will host the workshop).

**Please note blood tests, scans or other investigations can be obtained though your NHS care provider, or I can support you in accessing private healthcare.